Win-A-Heifer Contest 2015

 Opening Statement for Contest & Rules


 Entry Option 1: Interview


 Entry Option 2: Why Jerseys?


 Entry Option 3: Original Recipe


 Entry Option 4: Research


 Entry Option 5: Bible


 Entry Option 6: Original Art


Heifer Application Form

4 thoughts on “Win-A-Heifer Contest 2015

  1. Elizabeth

    I would like to submit an application for Birdie but I need to have an idea where in NE Washington Spirited Rose is located so our family can make an informed decision on how feasible it would be to come get her if we were so lucky to win her.



    1. Spirited Rose Dairy

      We’re in Stevens County, about an hour north of Spokane. 🙂

      Birdie is small enough to fit in the back of a truck if you have a canopy, so hauling should be easy. We do offer to meet part way if that is helpful to someone entering further away. Thanks!


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