2019 Heifer Application

Please fill out the form below to send to us with your entry. (CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO MAIN ENTRY PAGE)

You can copy the information directly from this page or there are links to Microsoft Word and pdf forms at the end of this page.



(As to be listed on the registration, the person, farm, or family the heifer will belong to)

City, State, Zip:
Home Phone:

Questions to answer:

  • If you win the heifer, what are your plans for her?
  • Who else (ie: family that you live with, a neighboring dairy farmer, etc.) will be helping you with the care and management of the heifer?
  • Have you ever milked a cow before and do you understand the commitment: 2x/day for 10+ month for many years?
  • What is your favorite food product to make with milk?
  • Please tell us about your facilities (Actual or plans for: Milking facilities, milking machine, pasture & hay source, water source, housing, etc.)
  • Have you looked into arrangements for breeding the heifer (AI or bull) and do you plan to breed her to purebred registered Jersey bulls to maintain registration and bloodlines?
  • Do you commit to registering any purebred female offspring this heifer will have with America Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA)?
  • Will you plan to keep in touch with us about how the heifer is doing?


Your Name:

Thank you for applying!


For youth applications:

Please ask your parent or guardian to read and sign below:

As parent/guardian of the above applicant, I have talked with my child about the above application and agree to help them with the care and milking routine of the heifer. I agree to make arrangements for transporting the heifer.

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