more Spirited Rose Cows

If I’d a cow that gave such milk, I’d dress her in the finest silk;

Feed her up on oats and hay, And milk her twenty times a day! -Civil War Era poem


Proud Rose of Family Hill, Ex. 90: My “foundation” cow. Simbas Pride      (Sambo x Monarch Rosel’s MCT dau.) x Brooklyn Rishaia Ex. 91 (Brook x Lester)

Rose consistently stays above herd average, even though she’s one of the smallest cows in the herd! She has averaged 5%-6.5% butterfat in ALL lactations. Rose dances when she comes into the parlor and looks like a ballerina. She may have had five calves, but she acts like a two year old in spirit, hence the farm name! ;)  [2014 update: Rose calved with her 10th calf at the age of 12, she had her 6th heifer calf, a full sister to Rosebud, Delegate Prancing Rose]

10th lactation, age 13:


Mom, Rishaia:

Barbros Brooklyn Rishaia Ex 91

Rosebud- In February 2009, she was raised to 90 points (third calving). Rosebud is Rose’s first calf out of the farm bull Delegate (Shamrock Duaseoir x Family Hill Brook Devine). She is taller and stronger in frame than her mother. She has a very tightly attached udder, milks out wonderfully, and has the most patient personality! [Update 2014: Rosebud, now scored Excellent 91, recently calved at the age of 10 with her 7th calf, a full sister to Rosalie, Avery Birdie!]

Around the time she scored 90

Rosebud at age 10:

cropped-cropped-lasttry.jpgDry, age 11:



 Rosebud’s Sire’s Mother:

Spirited Rose Avery Rosalie, VG84 (first score): Rosebud’s first daughter out of Bancrest Lester Avery. She was strong, dark brown and black in coloring, and Champion Jersey heifer at the Northeast Washington Fair. Third place Fall Yearling Not in Milk at the All American, Harrisburg. [Note: Rosalie passed away as a three year old cow, due to a traumatic calving. She has a full sister born November of 2014, Avery Birdie]

          Ooh LaLa… Two people said, “Smackin’ good udder!”

2008 Northeast Washington Fair
Spirited Rose Encore Rosalind

Spirited Rose Encore Rosalind:

Born Jan 2010

Rosalie’s first, and thus only, heifer calf. Deep ribbed, very angular heifer. Had a slow start in life in a January storm, but we have high hopes for her!

Due Christmas 2011 to Socrates x 93 pt. Centurion (had a bull calf Ritz on 1-1-2012)

[Update 2014: Rosalind scored Ex 91 on her second lactation]

Rosalind’s sire:

Rosalind’s sire’s full brother:

Spirited Rose Breakaway Ruby


Ruby’s daughter, Amethyst:

Amethyst as a cow:



Spirited Rose Action Rizelle

Spirited Rose Action Rizelle- Rosebud’s second heifer. What a firecracker! Rizelle calved in the summer with a colorful heifer calf. Both were sold to families in 2010.

Rizelle as a cow:


Spirited Rose Rosemary

Rosebud with Rizelle: smrizellegroup

Spirited Rose Deluxe Rosie:

Proud Rose’s seventh lactation gave us a special treat, a third heifer calf from her! This calf is so wide in the hips and is growing fast. [2014 update: Rosie calved in and milked LOTS as a two year old, she was scored at Vg 89 – the highest a Jersey can be scored on her first lactation!]

Rosie as a cow:

Capture3 Capture4

Rosie’s daughter Talladega Regalia:


Spirited Rose Comerica Rosalia (out of Proud Rose) born January 2013 – Just fresh in March 2015

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Spirited Rose Conn Rosepetal (out of Rosebud) born May 2013




Rosepetal’s calf – Comerica Rose Blossom

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Spirited Rose Delegate Prancing Rose (out of Proud Rose) born October 28, 2014


Spirited Rose Avery Birdie (out of Delegate Rosebud) born November 5, 2014


Spirited Rose Samson’s Rosita – Born 9/13/2016: (out of Proud Rose)


Spirited Rose Sultan’s Rennet – born 11/16/2016: (out of Rosebud)



11 thoughts on “more Spirited Rose Cows

  1. The Kesten Family

    These pictures just made us smile today. 🙂 You all are evidence of the way a family farm should run- lots of love and hard work! Thank you for sharing your babies with us!


  2. Ellie

    The picture of Ruby is my favorite. I am crazy for dairy heifers and I love your website. The pictures of the cows are so cute. I’m in 4-H and I have shown Holstein’s for 2 years. I’m entering the essay contest. I want to show Amethyst in 4-H.


  3. Ellie

    I am crazy for dairy heifers and I love your website. The pictures of the cows are so cute. I’m in 4-H and I have shown Holstein’s for 2 years. I’m entering the essay contest. I want to show Amethyst in 4-H.


  4. Rizzelle (Rizzy as she is affectionately called here) is nearly everyone’s farm favorite. She has spunk, a wonderful attitude and she flys into the parlor to be milked twice a day. We are blessed beyond measure to have this Action daughter and very excited to see her calve an Encore heifer calf this coming fall. We have the best of both worlds then. A Franklin prefixed Spirited Rose/Family Hill cow.

    My children appreciate being able to see photos of Rizzy as a calf.


  5. Damon

    Really like the photos of Rosebud. Great looking mammary and she looks like she’s got a big, wide frame on her. I also like the photo of Brook Devine.


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