Entry Option 6: Art


 Create an original piece of artwork (any medium/material) relating to the Jersey cow. Submit a photo of you with your original work and a note explaining your style or inspiration.



Entry by Paige D.

2B Charcoal Pencil on a 17 X 14 natural white, heavyweight sketch paper with a medium rough surface:



Entry by Mackenzie & Alice M. –

Here is our art.  I wrote an acrostic (of Jersey) ode to a Jersey cow and my daughter, Alice (11) did the watercolor.  Here is the poem since it’s small in the photo:
Jewel eyes limpid, wise with sky,
Even placid and gentle.
Resting golden brown like boys in summer,
Sleepy-strong as mountains.
Ever generous,
Your slow, white magic fills my glass with grass.


Entry by Allison G. –

https://soundcloud.com/ ashelynsummers/milkhoney


Lyrics for the song:


I stand

The wind at my back

The daylight fading

The grass

Smells so sweet

Under my feet

When the people have all gone home

That’s when we begin to roam

Through the fields

Under the sun

Is where we run

Beneath the sky

We all are free

In this land of milk and honey

I walk

The sun at my back

The golden glowing

The sky

Shines so bright

As day fades to night

Oh, we wander breathless

Weaving through the earth and sod

Oh, this world is endless

Granted by the grace of God


Youth entry by M. Y. –


Youth entry by Lindsey S. –

4b Birdie Art 2

5b Birdie's Home 2

Adult entry by: Blair T.

Zentangle drawing:


Adult entry by: Jackie C.



17 thoughts on “Entry Option 6: Art

  1. julie dalton

    I really like the drawing done by Paige D.. The expression in the eyes are so real. You can tell it was done by someone that has a true passion for animals.


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