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“She’s a thing of beauty
and a source of wealth,
She’s a sure guarantee
of riches and health,
To the one who lives
by the sweat of his brow,
God’s greatest gift
is the Jersey cow!”


– From a “Little House” book by Laura Ingalls Wilder


  1. spiritedrose

    To be honest, I wish dairy inspectors were more strict. To get a dairy closed down is near impossible. They really have to be horrible. Manure management regulations helped cull some of the worst dairies. But, there’s an organic dairy in Western WA that only scrapes their barns 2-3 times per week AT MOST. Their cows are covered in manure, only their backs are clean. They wash in the parlor with straight water, no disinfectant, so their mastitis rate is extremely high. Then this milk is turned into raw milk cheese. Gag! I visited the farm with the WSU cheesemaking course tour and some state inspectors were along. I brought up the cow management issues and she said, “Well, we don’t really look in the barn. You know, we just check out the creamery.” But, milk quality starts with cow care. Who is regulating cow care?? NO ONE!
    Sorry, this is something I feel strongly about. *deep breath* I just wish that those dairy farms that were excellent on cow care would get the best markets and price for their milk. Definitely we need a bonus system for those that provide quality milk. But, since all our milk will be coming from Mexico soon, I suppose the USDA says “Why bother?” So, thanks for nothing Darigold and USDA 😉
    And then we could talk about why no one is trying to eradicate Johnes across the U.S. but I think I should stop now! LOL


    1. Guernsey Lover

      If you would like to eradicate Johnes across the US and clear up and prevent mastitis FOREVER(It really does work), as well as learn how to care for your cows and your farm animals correctly get a copy of Pat Coleby’s books and correct your mineral deficiencies on your farms and you will have NO need for antibiotics and the like. Use Dolomite! Use Minerials! Know your soil is sick and make it healthy. Put back into the soil what has been taken over the years and your animals and ultimately you and your Family will be healthier.
      a must read!:find the information NEEDED.


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