WIN A HEIFER CALF! 2015 Contest!


We’re doing it again! A contest!

What do you win?

The WINNER of the contest

will become the new owner of

our most recent born calf, 

a heifer by the name of BIRDIE!


Birdie at birth (above)

Birdie today:


All you have to do is complete two tasks:


1. Fill out and email us a heifer APPLICATION FORM


 2. SUBMIT one of the following as your entry for the contest:

Pick one (or more) option:

A.      Interview a dairy farmer (with their permission). Report back to us your findings. The purpose is to help you learn about the realities of the dairy industry and help find contacts with knowledgeable resources.  Bob & Becky Boltmann Owners/operators of: Harmony Corners Dairy in Minnesota.
B.      Why Jerseys? Why that beautiful brown-eyed cow?  Lee Mahovlic, Champion of the Jersey cow, British Columbia, CANADA
C.      Create an original recipe using dairy products (ie: value added product, recipe, meal, etc.) Send us a recipe and a photo of the finished product/meal!

 Karen King, Wisconsin

owner of: Mrs. K’s Creations

D.      If you are currently a dairy farmer, write a guest post for our website – adding something we’ve missed – any topic you feel is important for cow owners to know about!If you are new to the dairy world, put together a presentation (PPT, website, or…?) on what you have researched that is needed for owning a milk cow (facilities, feeding, time requirements, etc.)  Krista Stauffer -Owner of Stauffer dairyand writer at: The Farmer’s Wifee
E.       Study “milk” in the Bible (literal or figurative use or both). Write a devotional or sermon about what you learn. (A suggestion: Start with the Bible, Vine’s Dictionary, and Strong’s Concordance)  Our local church pastors
F.       Create an original piece of artwork (any medium/material) relating to the Jersey cow. Submit a photo of you with your original work and a note explaining your style or inspiration.

   Debbie Lincoln, renown cow artist:

Painted Tales of Texas Hill Country

and blog: Now or Never

Honesty Policy: We are working on an honor system and we ask you to keep that in mind while you are working on your entry. We are looking for wholly original entries. Thank you!

Your entry will be posted on our website for the public to see. We feel that it is important to ask if those entering the contest are willing to have their stories posted to the public.  (Please note your preference in your email.)

EMAIL your application and entry to:

(If you have problems getting through VIA email, contact me through the website by commenting to this post.)

1 Thessalonians 4:11-12


When does the contest START? Today!

When does the contest END? March 1st, 2015

Who is eligible?  All ages, U.S. or Canadian resident.

How and when does the winner get their calf? Winner of the contest must pick up or arrange for hauling of the calf, at their expense, within 30 days of being notified they won. If weather or a timing is an issue, we are flexible! We are located in NE WASHINGTON STATE and would be willing to meet or deliver to you for the cost of fuel within a few hour hour drive of us.

Contest rules: Judges will advise the Lancasters as to their favorite choice for winner, based on the entries they judge. The Lancasters will have final discretion for choice of the top one winner from all categories combined. We reserve the right to change any rules about the contest or to cancel the contest completely if necessary. 



Birdie was born November 5, 2014.


Her mother is Family Hill Delegate Rosebud, Ex. 91:

Milk average – 15,093#   Butterfat average – 5.7%   Protein average – 3.9%

(This photo is of Rosebud, age 10, a few weeks before she calved with Birdie, her 8th calf)


Her father is Bancrest Lester Avery:
  • Sire: Highland Duncan Lester
  • Dam: Bancrest Pal 667 EX-91%
  • MGS: Palmer Fascinator George
  • MGD: Bancrest Royal Brown
  • MGGS: J S Quicksilver Royal

Birdie’s full sister (same mom and dad) was Spirited Rose Avery Rosalie (scored VG 84 on her first appraisal at 2 years old):


14 thoughts on “WIN A HEIFER CALF! 2015 Contest!

    1. Spirited Rose Dairy

      Absolutely not – the goal of our website is to help current AND future cow owners – What this contest hopes to achieve is to get people thinking about cows: working with them, why you love them, how you do or will care for them. As proof of that, I can tell you our first “winners” from 2011 were not cow owners. They had land, a barn, availability for hay, a willingness to learn, and enough support to be able to care for a dairy cow. I hope beginners or hopefuls are not deterred.


  1. Shawna

    I have submitted my application form, thank you for having this contest and all the fun content in your page. The kids and I have had fun reading!


  2. Cori Hale

    Hi, I put an entry in for birdie and have not seen it posted so I thought I would comment to make sure that my emails are going through. I believe I sent three emails and just wanted to make sure that they got to you.

    Thanks so much and appreciate this opportunity.

    Thanks Cori


  3. moriha

    Found your web page because of the contest (and quickly entered) and i have found so much great information here!!! i am interested in taking a cheese making class when you have another one!! love love love all your beautiful Jersey cows,


  4. Pingback: Only a few days left to enter contest! | Spirited Rose Homestead Dairy Farm

    1. Spirited Rose Dairy

      Absolutely. You can give it to me next time I see you or mail it, let me know if you need my address. 🙂 I have a book for you to borrow, so we can swap! 😉


  5. Spirited Rose Dairy

    There have been some questions about hauling – Birdie will be weaned by the end of the contest and will be on hay and water diet. She will still be small enough to be hauled by truck, in the back with a canopy or covered racks.


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