Milk cooler – freezer conversion plan

Converting a small chest freezer into a milk cooling fridge:

Three basic parts:

  1. Small chest freezer (an upright could work, too, if the racks were removable)
  2. Tall plastic tubs to hold water/ice
  3. A converter to plug in to the freezer’s plug. Here’s the converter to buy (or one like it):

It’s really simple. Ours is a 4cu. ft. freezer:

The converter plugs in to the freezer plug:

The dial allows you to adjust the temperature from 20-80F. I keep ours right at 32. That way if I forget for a few hours, no big deal, won’t break any glass jars. The sensor uncoils and can be placed inside the freezer. The tip sits right in the water.

We put plastic tubs in the bottom of the freezer:

Then we add water to the tubs. I don’t like chemicals and don’t want to deal with salt/corrosion, so plain water is what we use, if we have a lot of milk to cool, we add ice cubes.

We use the freezer setup when milking several cows, cooling a couple gallons or more at a time.

We’re only milking one late lactation cow right now, so only bottling 1/2 gallon – and a couple hours in the freezer works just fine.