Milk cooler – freezer conversion plan

Converting a small chest freezer into a milk cooling fridge:

Three basic parts:

  1. Small chest freezer (an upright could work, too, if the racks were removable)
  2. A converter to plug in to the freezer’s plug. Here’s the converter to buy (or one like it):
  3. Tall plastic tubs to hold water/ice [optional]

It’s really simple!

Ours is a 4 cu. ft. freezer. We have also used an upright freezer, handy for larger milk cooling needs and milk storage!

The converter plugs in to the freezer plug:

The dial allows you to adjust the temperature from 20-80 degrees F. Ours is set at around 35 degrees F.

The sensor uncoils and can be placed inside the freezer. The tip sits right in the water or in the air next to the jars.

We put plastic tubs in the bottom of the freezer:

Optional: Can add water (and ice cubes or ice packs) to the trays for faster cooling).

We use the freezer setup when milking several cows, cooling a couple gallons or more at a time. Half-gallon glass Mason jars will cool to 40 degrees F in two hours or less (that’s the goal for cooling milk in the proper time). Gallon jars may not cool fast enough, unless agitated at some point in the cooling.

Sure saves on fridge space by having a dedicated milk fridge!