[Note, the information that used to be on this page is now at the following locations: https://spiritedrose.wordpress.com/jersey-cattle/looking-for-a-cow/cost-of-keeping-a-dairy-cow/


https://spiritedrose.wordpress.com/jersey-cattle/looking-for-a-cow/looking-to-buy/ ]

In this section:


6 thoughts on “2. COW LIFE

  1. Elizabeth Walters

    I have added your page to my favorites as we continue in our quest for our first cow. Thank you so much for putting this info together on one place!!


  2. Erica Botha

    This is amazing! Thank you for such clear information! It is thorough and concise. I have truly enjoyed looking through your site and this page is a keeper!


  3. Angela

    This is an excellent reference page. Thank you. My family and I just moved to the country and we aren’t ready for a cow, yet, but are certainly interested in getting one as soon as is feasible. Is there anyone that you know who would be willing to work with and train newbies? I have wanted a cow/farm, etc. all of my life but have never had the opportunity to learn what all I need to know. I am excited and looking forward to the adventure but I do want to make sure that my mistakes don’t harm my animals. (Crops may suffer but that’s why we have store, heh).


  4. Wendi Cope

    This is a wonderful reference and it is in my bookmarked area. Good info to study about the conformation, all those numbers are a wealth of info. Your cows look so happy and everything is bright and clean. Love that! I will show my husband your feeder, that makes so much sense and does not look so hard to build.
    Thanks for the great site!!


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