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The main goal of our web page is to give people a resource for small dairy. Many people buy a new cow and end up at home flooded with questions and concerns. What are all these numbers on this pedigree? Do I hand milk or milk by machine? How much do I have to feed my cow? What if she gets sick!? How do I go about getting my cow bred back?

Our goal is to provide you with a site that hopefully covers all or most of your questions. Maybe we will even help you learn more about your cow. But if you still have questions, feel free to send us a note and ask!!

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We see and respond to every question posted on this site. If you have not received a response within a few days, please contact us again!

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  3. Dear Sir,
    We are looking for 1st Bread Milking Cow for Bangladeshi Dairy Firm, Total quantity needed 5000 Catel.Please provide your best offer CIF Chittagonj by sea basis Price or CIF Dhaka, ShahJalal International Airport basis Price.
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    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Sardar Zakir Hossain.
    Z.M.Trade Exchange Emporium.
    House No:-332/A, East Goran, Dhaaka-1219.


  4. Marsha J

    I had a milk cow for 17 years that was part jersey. She was a pet and mothered my other bottle calves when needed. After I lost her I looked and found another beautiful Jersey. I just lost her and am not sure what happened. She calved was up and appeared to have cleaned herself, the calf was clean and she had fed it at least twice. She was so big we milked her about 12 hours later. And she still was fine. She was up, eating and drinking and caring for her calf. I checked on her about dark and still fine. She showed no sign of milk fever or any distress. When I went out the next morning she was dead. She had some “goo” coming out of her back end. I am hesitant to get another simply because I become so attached. Should I keep one of those calcium sticks on hand, if I do get another, and feed that to her after calving? Would that help prevent milk fever? If I had given her one this time could it have prevented death? Thanks for your time and answer. Marsha


    1. From what you’re describing, it’s hard to determine whether milk fever played a role in her death. She could have had an abscess that burst or something that caused instant death. I’m sorry for your loss. 😦


      1. Marsha J

        Thanks for your feedback. I’m continuing to research milk fever and Jerseys. Her calf is a beauty. Rocky is as loving as his mother and is happy to see me even if I don’t have a bucket of milk with me. Thanks again.


  5. stew

    Hi there, we are a small hobby farm with four jerseys, we are looking to AI them and have looked at a few bulls, we are confused as to how to read the charts on the bulls, we want an easy calving bull for our two heifers this year and were wondering if you can explain for example what calving ease 93 GPA means versus 99 G? great advice on your web page here!!


    1. Spirited Rose Dairy

      Stew, can you please send me a link to one of the bulls you are referring to? Most dairy bulls do not have calving ease scores. Thanks, Michelle


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