Family Hill Cows

A few of our favorite cows

of Family Hill Farm


Family Hill Perf Likeable, Ex 91:

Record at age 8-6 : 28150 milk, 5.5% butterfat (1,535 pounds!).

She has three daughters.

Likeable’s best daughter is

Family Hill Sambo Loveable, Ex. 91:

SamboLoveable (2)

Sambo Loveable as a young gal (above) and a mature lady (below)11GrassyKnoll


Lowbird Saint Pitino Rose, Ex. 93:   Was purchase by Jay. She won Grand Champion cow at the Western Washington State Fair in Puyallup in 2006. Pitino Rose has carried on her legacy through her daughter Reese and grand daughters Family Hill Sultan Reese’s Piece and Greta. We expect great things from them!

Family Hill Illusion Reese Ex 91:

Family Hill Hallmark L’Oreal, Ex 91:

A beautifully framed cow, L’Oreal now lives in Canada on a dairy. Her daughter Family Hill SD Laila is excellent 90 and has two Avery daughters.

L’Oreal: 17,910 lb.   5.4% fat   3.8% protein

Laila: 17, 330 lb.  5.3% fat  3.9% protein




4 thoughts on “Family Hill Cows

  1. Love the cow pics. My dad had Jerseys when I was growing up and we had plenty of raw milk to drink. I want my grandaughter, that we are raising, to enjoy the same benefits of living and working on a farm.


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