Trip to Tennessee, Part 1

This spring, Jay and I traveled to Tennessee to visit some good friends of ours that we had not seen in 6 years. But first, we did a little tourism: Our trip started by flying out of Spokane at what we thought was an early hour (arriving in the parking area around 4 am, for …

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Wensleydale with Cranberries

When I told Jay I wanted to try making Wensleydale cheese, he thought I wanted to make sheep's cheese. (No, I have no plans to milk my sheep on a regular basis...) Wensleydale Cheese is a type of cheese made in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, England, brought to the area hundreds of years earlier by French monks …

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How to make a Sheepskin Rug – Part One

Before one can make a sheepskin rug (that article is coming up next!), a person needs a sheepskin to work with. A dear farmer friend (Thanks, Shawna!) told us about her relatives skinning a deer by pulling the hide off. Basically, the animal's body is attached to a tree, hide is attached to a rope attached to the bumper of …

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