Replacing Inflations

Have you wondered how to change out inflations and when to change them? When and Why Change: Sometimes I try to be stingy and use an inflation for as long as possible. But, when I do change the inflations, I realize how soft and easy to twist the old inflations are compared to the new. …

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Homemade Grain Recipe for Your Dairy Cow

Firstly, apologies for the weird email sent out earlier. The goblins of technology decided that the Classic Editor for WordPress was not good enough for their modern tastes and they fried my previous post, which you can view properly here: Now onto the current info, about grain: We try not to feed much grain, …

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Blood Pregnancy Testing – How To

We talk about the different pregnancy testing methods in our book, but in summary, the most accurate test looks for "Pregnancy-Specific Protein B" and that test is available as a blood test. The blood test is the most accurate pregnancy test for cattle and is over 99% accurate and applicable for both heifers and cows. …

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