Holding up milk

Is that a cow version of a bank robbery? Kind of!   In reality, "holding up" of milk is only a problem when we're trying to milk a cow and she does not want to give us her milk (for a variety of reasons). Below we'll discuss what "holding up" is, how it works, how …

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DIY Salve for Farm & Home

Winter is a great time to work on indoor projects, so here are some of my favorite salve recipes for farm and home use: Un-Petroleum Jelly Use as a general salve (for humans and animals) or as an udder balm. We use this for our cows in the coldest months when liquid teat dips might …

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How to make a Sheepskin Rug – Part Two

I've always had a interest in sheepskins...bought a couple from Costco for my living room and admired them. Now that we have sheep, my husband and I wanted to try making our own. We sent off three for commercial processing (Promise Land Tannery in Okanogan, WA) and they did a lovely job. I've also seen …

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How to make a Sheepskin Rug – Part One

Before one can make a sheepskin rug (that article is coming up next!), a person needs a sheepskin to work with. A dear farmer friend (Thanks, Shawna!) told us about her relatives skinning a deer by pulling the hide off. Basically, the animal's body is attached to a tree, hide is attached to a rope attached to the bumper of …

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Is my Jersey purebred?

Are you concerned about making sure your Jersey is purebred and/or to breed her to purebred Jersey bulls? AJCA has done an excellent job updating the rules of registration. Look out for a few key things ({1} and JX and BBR) to ensure the best bloodline selections! WHAT HAPPENED? The American Jersey Cattle Association recently …

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Real Chocolate Pudding

Did you grow up thinking pudding was something made from a box of powder found next to Jell-O in the grocery store, or maybe a single serving container from Kraft? I did too, but recently I got brave enough to try pudding from scratch, adapting a recipe that my mom uses to make Chocolate Cream …

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Rennet travels to her new home

Our sweet little heifer, Rennet (daughter of Rosebud), went to her new home last week. While we are always sad to see one of our animals go, we are very happy that Rennet has been united with her new owner, Cadence - a young girl with very big plans. We look forward to seeing more pictures …

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