4-5 cows, existing garage


Side Profile of barn area


The box stall
Enjoying a nice day in the exercise area
View of barn from box stall looking toward freestalls. To left is water trough and hay feeder
Gate swings both ways: To lock cows into barn, to open to barn + exercise area, or to open to bring cows down to be milked. In this photo, Sambo Loveable (not in view) and her baby get some bonding time while eager surrogate mothers look on.


Upper left: Starting the freestalls in the barn Upper right: Building the exercise area fence Middle left: Entrance to the pasture Middle right: Top story of house, cows are milked below the deck on the bottom floor Bottom: Where the cows are milked


Cows are walked down a path to the back of the house’s daylight basement. They are milked just outside and inside is all the equipment, wash up, and storage.



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