4-5 cows, existing garage


Untitled20170628_20042720170628_20044620170628_200453In winter, the cows spend a good majority of their day in this small barn.


2018 Dairy Cow Barn Winter

On fair weather days, the cows enjoy sunshine and fresh air outside in a exercise paddock:

In Summer, when the cows live in the pasture fields, we turn their winter paddock into a cover crop that provides lush late-season grazing. It’s not a large area, but the cows appreciate the feed – usually a combination of legumes (crimson clover & peas) and grain grass (barley & oat).


Side Profile of barn area


The box stall
Enjoying a nice day in the exercise area
View of barn from box stall looking toward freestalls. To left is water trough and hay feeder
Gate swings both ways: To lock cows into barn, to open to barn + exercise area, or to open to bring cows down to be milked. In this photo, Sambo Loveable (not in view) and her baby get some bonding time while eager surrogate mothers look on.

Our outdoor hay feeder – the cows prefer eating outside on every good day possible!

Our shop/garage has a concrete floor, making round bales a good choice for hay (readily available in our area and easy on the back). We also store straw (to the left of the hay), bulk totes of grain (to the right and in front of the hay), and our farm tools.

IMG_0489 Our Barn

Upper left: Starting the freestalls in the barn Upper right: Building the exercise area fence Middle left: Entrance to the pasture Middle right: Top story of house, cows are milked below the deck on the bottom floor Bottom: Where the cows are milked



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