4 thoughts on “4. MEDICINE BOX +

  1. Hi, do you give advice? We have a lovely Jersey family cow, and she has always been in great shape, has big appetite, and is always greedy for food. She is on pasture and isn’t bred. This morning things are different, and I’m wondering if it’s because she got into a pail of milk yesterday while I was taking care of something else out of the ordinary. I know that she drank some, and would this make her sick? Would you be able to give us some advice?

    Thanks, Julie


    1. spiritedrose


      How much milk do you think the cow drank? I suppose there is a chance she could get a sour stomach from it. If she has a sour stomach, you might try giving her some Carmalax and banamine, both of which you should be able to get from a veterinary office (good things to keep on hand, even if you don’t use them for this case).

      If she is down, bloated, or cold, and things look serious, you should really call a dairy vet immediately.

      What are her symptoms? Check her ears and tailhead – are they cold? Does she have beads of moisture on her nose or is it dry? What other signs does she have of being off?

      We’ll wait to hear back from you!


  2. Shaughn Gray

    This site is great. We just ordered our first heifer from Pamela Klein in VA. She will be delivering it here to us in Indiana at the end of February. We are total newbies at owing a cow so any resource is great. I haven’t noted yet but can you include photo instructions on how to give neck injections and IM injections to accompany the great information in this section. Great Job! I have your site bookmarked and will be checking back often.

    Shaughn Gray
    Huntertown, IN


    1. spiritedrose

      I am reluctant to try to “type” how to do medical procedures. I’ll see what I can do. In the future, we plan to video some different aspects of dairy farming. In this way, people would get to see how these are done. I’ll make it a priority to get some videos on here. Thank you for the comments.


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