Here are some photos from our travels through the countryside this summer on our way to Jay's dairy judging gigs in Idaho and Washington. Washington and Idaho have STUNNING AGRICULTURAL AREAS!! We highly recommend, at least once, taking back roads on your summer trips - across Hwy 20 (WA), Hwy 2 (WA), and Hwy 95 (ID). …

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Trip to Tennessee, Part II

Thursday night of our trip we arrived in Greeneville (the "e" is very important to Greeneville-ians, their town often spelled it GreenEville just to make sure you know to add the extra E!). Our hosts: Dave, Shannon, Owen, Abbey, & Ethan greeted us at their home with many waves and smiles and helped us run …

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Factory Farm or Family Farm Debate

This post is in response to a posting by a friend: Factory Farm or Family Farm? You Decide.   I had an interesting weekend traveling and visiting family. A relative commented on a 400 cow dairy that we had visited in Oregon (family owned, but fully operated by employees), where they were appalled to see …

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