What’s a Cud?

A beginning farmer once contacted me, concerned because their cow was throwing up all the time. While that is (rare but) possible, what this person was seeing was actually a really good thing: cudding! They did not realize that cows "chew a cud" because unlike horses or humans, cows are ruminants. To the unaware observer, …

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How to Grind Grain for Animals

Grinding grain is easy, saves a ton of money, and provides fresh quality - in very few steps! We start with the raw products: OATS, PEAS, and WHEAT. (Or what we can find locally!) All of the grains are non-GMO and were grown locally. They are not necessarily pesticide free or weed free, but we …

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How to make a Sheepskin Rug – Part One

Before one can make a sheepskin rug (that article is coming up next!), a person needs a sheepskin to work with. A dear farmer friend (Thanks, Shawna!) told us about her relatives skinning a deer by pulling the hide off. Basically, the animal's body is attached to a tree, hide is attached to a rope attached to the bumper of …

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