Trip to Tennessee, Part 1

This spring, Jay and I traveled to Tennessee to visit some good friends of ours that we had not seen in 6 years. But first, we did a little tourism: Our trip started by flying out of Spokane at what we thought was an early hour (arriving in the parking area around 4 am, for …

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Guernseys of the Past

If you're curious what a Guernsey cow looked like in the past, here are some snapshots from the 1950's through 1980's of Guernsey cattle from the Graysmarsh & Family Hill bloodlines (and some other cows purchased by the farms):          

Lessons from Historical Agriculture: #2 – Ice Cream

While spending mornings gardening in the direct sun we often joke about heading in for a bowl of refreshing ice cream. Many days we do just that, and I realize that those of us wishing to have lived in a bygone era could only do so if our memory of ice cream was erased! The history of ice …

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New Series: Lessons from Historical Agriculture

I have been looking for a subject to write on that combines my two passions: History and Farming. The result is the beginning of a new series entitled “Lessons from Historical Agriculture” in which I research wisdom (or folly!) of the past in order to enhance our knowledge and abilities in modern agriculture. Arthur Young, …

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