Natural Remedies – #4 – ACV

apple cider vinegar

Uses: For internal and external use. An acidic liquid touted for many uses. Referred to as “ACV”.

Dosage: Varies.

  • Human: I like to take a teaspoon of vinegar or fire cider (ACV infused with fiery herbs) in a cup of water in the morning before food. This really helps stimulate my digestion. Vinegar also moderates/reduces glucose levels in the body – How much to take is up to you, but an online source suggests 1T vinegar in a large glass of water
  • Animals: My cat got a urinary calcium blockage, and I think I lost a male lamb to a similar condition. One recommendation for the cat was to add ACV to his drinking water to help acidify the water. Our water is super hard and alkaline, so the vinegar helps neutralize the effects of the hardness and alkalinity. A little goes a long way, so just add a dash of vinegar. I know a lot of people that put vinegar in their stock tanks on a regular basis, in that case a larger amount would be necessary (suggestions vary, but approximately 2 cups per 50 gallons of water).

Administration: Diluting before use is a preferred method, to avoid irritating tissue.

Frequency: Apple Cider Vinegar is an acid (around 3 pH) and therefore should be used in moderation to avoid over-acidifying.

Other Info: Many online sources for “make your own” vinegar are actually advising you to make apple-flavored vinegar by combining apple scraps, water, and sugar. This is NOT really Apple Cider Vinegar!!

Case Study:

I researched possibly using ACV as a teat dip for our cows at milking time. One person got very upset with me, saying it would irritate, burn, and sting my cows (as well as be ineffective toward bacteria).

That got me to wondering how skin reacts to ACV, so I researched it and found that ACV is a natural astringent, actually really healthy for skin!

I recently had a skin irritation, and thought, “Hmm, what about vinegar?” I diluted some vinegar on a rag and wiped that across my skin for immediate and lasting relief!



Up Next: Activated Charcoal


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