Feeding Calves a Milk Diet

Most people don’t believe the amount of milk we feed our “bottle/bucket” fed calves…


No, our babies are not nursing on their mothers, but yes, they are fed their mother’s milkfresh and warm – and yes, they grow much better on a full-milk diet compared to the industry standard of one gallon per day split between two feedings and fed a huge amount of grain (this mindset is beginning to change to a “feed more milk” concept as folks are realizing the value of milk in raising healthy animals that become more profitable cows).

We’ve fed calves a lot of different methods –

  • from milk replacer & grain (what a disaster)
  • to diluted fresh milk & grain (decent growth)
  • to milk & hay/pasture (amazing)

– We’re believers in milk, the natural feed for calves!

“Full potential feeding is 2.5 pounds of milk solids per day or the equivalent of 2.5 gallons of whole milk…”

Read more at http://www.progressivedairy.com/topics/calves-heifers/4-simple-steps-to-measure-calf-performance

We take it one step further and believe in raising heifers grain-free. With a combination of  a milk-based calf diet (similar to what a beef calf would get for 6+ months) and summer pasture, our calf raising method is both economical & healthy.

“Pastured heifers will give 2,000-plus pounds more milk and have more days in milk. This doesn’t just compete with confinement systems; it actually does better.”

Read more at http://www.progressivedairy.com/topics/calves-heifers/successfully-pasture-your-heifers-to-increase-milk-production-and-prevent-calving-issues

I’ve snapped a short video of Rosita & Risotto – Rosita is a replacement heifer for our farm and Risotto is our beef for next year. feeding-calves-milk

At three months old, Rosita was already off and running. Most calves would be weaned from milk by this age (why, why, why!?) – Rosita will continue to get milk for several months, until she can be slowly transitioned and weaned to summer pasture.

For our complete calf-rearing plans, read: Raising a Dairy Calf

Additional reading:

“A 1-pound increase in average daily gain before weaning could increase first-lactation milk yield as much as 700 pounds.”

Read more at http://www.progressivedairy.com/topics/calves-heifers/most-calves-don-t-reach-their-full-potential-do-yours



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