Making Irish Cream

I recently acquired a copy of my new favorite cookbook (thanks, sister!!).


The author lives on a dairy farm, which is a natural fit for me (always looking for more ways to use our milk!).

One of the first recipes I had to try is Irish Cream.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

If you want to try her recipe, it’s online here: A Drop of Irish Cream – Farmette  although I recommend purchasing the book if you like farm-style recipes with basic tasty ingredients. The Irish flair gives a lot of new ideas to American cooks.


I started by making homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk (another recipe in the Farmette cookbook!) From “scullery notes” in the cookbook, I think I may have heated the condensed milk a bit too high, but it still tasted awesome!


I made another slight adjustment to the recipe – I didn’t have instant coffee, so I put coffee in the sweetened condensed milk and steeped them together for a couple days in the fridge. Before completing the recipe, I strained the condensed milk through cheesecloth to remove the coffee grounds. As you can see below, I made a mess trying to strain the concoction before I remembered I had cheesecloth (a duh moment)!



The recipe can be put together very quickly if you have all the ingredients prepared (or buy Sweetened Condensed Milk, but I don’t think the taste would be as good with store bought products…)

I recommend Wilbur Dutch Cocoa for the chocolate – it’s by far the highest quality cocoa powder I’ve ever tasted – and so rich that I can often use half the amount in a recipe with equal taste to that of other cocoas.

We purchased Bushmills Irish Whiskey (so expensive in America that it doesn’t make the end product a “cheap” version of Irish Whiskey, unfortunately. But, the name is also the name of a bull we used when we lived on the east coast, so we used it for nostalgic reasons, too.) I may try an American Whiskey in the future to compare if the alternative would be more affordable.

The Irish Cream is very tasty straight-up – I recommend trying it plain first to get all the flavors. Then try again to make sure you have savored all the flavors! 😉

Traditionally, Irish Cream is added to coffee and while that way is quite lovely, the coffee does mask some of the subtle flavors.

My friend, not a coffee drinker, really enjoyed adding a dash to a cup of black tea.

I hope to make another batch soon! Cheers!


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