It never gets old…another heifer calves!

I always love the anticipation of watching a new heifer prepare to calve. Will she have a good udder? Will she have a safe calving? Will she milk well and have a clean udder?

Spoiler alert All goes well – Prancer is a “dream cow” 🙂

Aug 25:

Sept 13th:

October 5th:

October 14th:

October 17th, practicing in the parlor:

October 19th:

The night before the event, we came home from an anniversary trip to Spokane. I grabbed my camera and snapped these shots late at night, thinking “Where did all that swelling under her belly come from? It literally showed up during the day!”


Pins look somewhat relaxed, but no where near as loose as heifers often get – maybe she’s a bit too chunky… hehe

October 20th, around 6 am calf is born, we wake up to MOOOWAAHHH sounds out in the barn and run out to find Prancer licking off a little boy (boo hoo, sniffle).

Hanging out in the freestall. Baby Risotto was born at the end of the freestall early in the morning – looked like he popped out while mom was sleeping! We put him at the head of the stall and mom Prancer acted like an old-hat, taking perfect care of the babe then laying down with him to rest.
Sorry for the dark lighting … Click to hear Prancer moo the typical “new mom” moo to her baby


Click to view video on how we milk a fresh cow for the first time – low stress!


Feeding Newborn Calf.PNG
Click to watch calf being fed first colostrum – lots of good tips!




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