Tasty Homesqueezed Orange Juice

On a recent trip to Phoenix to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousin, I was able to go with my aunt to a friends house to pick oranges from a tree in her back yard. The friend said she liked peeling and juicing the oranges as the quickest method.

From right to left, you see:

  • Washed oranges – cut ends off, slit through rind on both sides
  • Peel each side off (works best if oranges are fairly fresh!)
  • Take peeled orange and break into slices small enough to fit in the juicer you are using


  Pulp comes out the end tap (my chickens loved it, mixed with a little cream!)

Juice comes out the bottom into a measuring cup.


I then poured the juice into quart jars for freezing (tipped on their sides).


We also juiced our lemons this way, but for storage, we pour the juice into ice cube trays, let freeze, and then pop the lemon cubes out into a freezer container, so they’re single serving size ready for recipes, tea, or to add to your water!

We kept a little out for sipping – it’s delicious and has some pulp for nutrition – the best of both worlds!

DSC04857From now on, we decided we will try to buy fresh oranges when we want orange juice – the taste is so much fresher, sweeter, and alive!


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