Working hard to choose a winner!

Ok, you’re probably all ready for us to pick a winner already, right?!

We’ve had several entries come in and they’ve all been posted, judges have been contacted, and we all need a little time to read/view the entries, think things over, and finally, come to a decision on who gets Birdie!

First order of business – can ALL contestants please look online to where their entries should be posted for the public to view. PLEASE contact us if your entry is not posted! We may have missed it, or we may not have received your email! (We got several entries in a very short period of time, and I apologize for any mistakes we might have made in posting them. Thanks!


STATS from the contest:

  • 30 Contestants (plus family members for some entries)

  • 41 Entries (Some did multiple entries)

  • 2 countries (USA & Canada)

  • 10 States including: WA, OR, ID, MT, CA, UT, AR, AK, VA, MO

  • 71% had milked before (some cows, many goats, and even a sheep farmer!)


We are not going to re-post all of the entries in the blog section, there are simply too many!

But, we do have a section for each group of entries under the headings and we encourage friends, families, and anyone interested to take a look:


 What can the public do? Please COMMENT on your favorite entries:

  • Is a particular art piece exceptional for some reason? Tell us why!
  • Do you agree with the information provided by the contestants? Why or why not?
  • Maybe you have had a similar experience as one of the interviewee dairy farmers you’d like to share.

A note on how Birdie is doing:

  • She’s almost 4 months old and huge – really growing well, nice and plump!
  • Last weekend we tattooed and de-horned the calves. That was not a fun day for them, but the worst is past and this way, Birdie is ready for her new home. All we’ll ask is that the new owners have a vet come out to establish a relationship and so Birdie can get her Brucellosis vaccination (she’s not quite old enough yet…we like to wait until they’re well past the 4 month mark.)
  • Hopefully the winners have a lot of hay– Birdie has a voracious appetite!

What we at “Spirited Rose” hoped for was that this contest could provide contestants with, of course, a hope of winning…but more importantly, that they might find meaning in the entries as a form of learning more about dairy cows or reviewing plans or confirming ideas. Below are a few quotes from the emails of the contestants to give an idea of how they felt about the contest and also some phrases that made us laugh in agreement:

  • “Feta in olive oil with sun dried tomatoes in it is hard to resist even when the clock reads 3 am, and you were just up for a drink of water!”
  • Most people here think of cattle as being unintelligent, but then again most cattle here have little to no contact with humans until the day of their slaughter.  I imagine what my relationship with Birdie would be like and I see it more as a mutually beneficial friendship.  Like we would be the strong matriarchs of our families.
  • “What a wonderful opportunity for all involved, especially the person who is the winner, but everyone who looks and reads through the applications and does any research on cows is a winner.  They will have no choice, but to become more knowledgeable about Jersey cows specifically, but also about where their food, in general, comes from.  Thank you for supporting agriculture, teaching others about it, and for making cow ownership an attainable dream for someone.”
  • I have really enjoyed pondering the application and interview over these last several days. The process of actually writing out my thoughts and dreams for a house cow has been wonderful.
  • “My favorite thing to make with all the extra milk has to be butter nothing taste better then fresh butter but a close second is mozzarella…”
  • “The few Jerseys I have had the good fortune of knowing, have all been wonderful creatures, quiet, willing, and just all around nice cows.  This is the type of cow that I would love to have the opportunity to milk as a family milk cow.”

th1.jpegBear with us as we mooooove into picking the finalists!


Please comment here!

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