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You have a good chance of winning – we haven’t had many entries yet (musta scared them off with talk of commitment!)

Here are some of the entries so far:


Interview Entries:

Adult Entry by Shawn C.



Why Jersey? Entries:


Youth entry by E. A. –

I love Jersey’s because they are so nice. I like to take them for walks and let them eat the fresh grass. My favorite is brushing them and making them look pretty. I also like there milk and like it in my cereal. I want to learn how to make yogurt like Grace Harbor farms there yogurt is so yummy. I help my mom and dad feed the baby calves on our farm. Mom and Dad milk them by hand. Someday we will buy a milk pump so it would be easier to milk the cows. Someday when I am big enough I want to show a cow at the fair. I want to join 4H. Thank you.


Adult Entry – by: Karen S.

The Jersey breed of cow has a long and interesting history. They were originally bred on the British Channel Islands of Jersey. They were first recognized as a separate breed around 1700. The breed became quite popular because of their relatively small body size and lower relative maintenance needs. The breed generally has a mature weight of 800 to 1100 pounds.   They also boast of a superior grazing ability, calving ease, and a high fertility rate. They have a lower relative rate of Dystocia (Obstructed Labor) and are popular for crossbreeding to help prevent calving injuries.

The breed is adaptable to hot environments and are known for their high butterfat content in their milk. They can be a gentle, docile cow and are recommended for first time farms. They can come in all shades of brown, but most common is a fawn color.

Some of the most famous Jerseys are Brown Bessie, Hurionia Centurion Veronica 20J. Brown Bessie was named the Champion Butter Cow of the Chicago World Fair Dairy Test. She averaged over 40 pounds of milk a day for 5 months and made 3 pounds of butter a day. Hurionia Centurion Veronica 20J was a well known show cow who sold for $85,000 at a public auction. She was the 2006 World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion, as well as named the All American Grand Champion Jersey.

In all, Jerseys are a wonderful breed of cow that are blessing to the dairy world. They make wonderful family cows who produce delicious milk. I would recommend a Jersey to anyone who wanted a good, quality cow.


Adult Entry – by Jackie C.

Why not? Well actually I have over the last year done a lot of research on cows in general. October of 2013 we purchased our first home on 6 acres. At that time we only had my two horses and our dogs. With high hopes of having a full fledge small family homestead, Being as self-sufficient supplying our own food as we could. Found the forum keeping the family cow and purchasing all books I could to learn all I could. Dreaming of one day having my own Jersey, if not just because I myself have fallen in love with them, but also because the book Joann writes “Keeping a Family Cow” and all what the wonderful members of the forum always have to say about their own jerseys they have.

So our first purchase was a 4 week old jersey steer, with full intentions of raising him to be our future beef. Problem was we fell in love with that brown eyed beauty. And in the end we had to trade him off to some friends that would toss him in with other cows and not touch him. He became dog like. And I kept saying if only he would have been born a heifer!

After having that sweet steer we wanted to try again doing cows. But this time not a bottle baby so we didn’t fall so madly in love again. So we purchased a Holstein/Jersey steer that just needed finished out. He was tame, but we were able to follow through and finally have a freezer full of beef! And then I tried to see if we could purchase a jersey cow. And my husband and I decided we better start with more of a beef breed that would raise her own calves for us. And so we acquired two Dexter cows and a Dexter bull. One of the Dexters being trained to milk! But attempting to milk her this year failed miserably. Her calf was a pig, and our dexter bull decided her milk was tasty too! So I had to wean them both and dry her off this go round.

But I still can’t shake that Jersey cow out of my mind. Every time I see an add on craigslist, or pass a dairy with Jerseys, or go to get our raw milk from our Jersey cow friend. I long to have one of those beauty’s in my field too! With the bonus that she would supply our family with more milk then we could ever need or want. That we could drink, turn into different food items saving on our food bill, feed and raise our pigs, and the added bonus of another calf on the property.

calfAnd so one day I will, either by this contest, or this summer after we sell calves from our dexters 🙂


And the sweet little jersey steer we called baby cow we fell in love with 🙂

Who couldn’t love that face!






Recipe Entries:

Youth entry by C.W.:

Capture2 c1/4 sugar
6 Tbsp flour
1/2tsp salt
5c scalded milk
6 eggs
4c cream
4 1/2 tsp vanilla




Bible Entries:

Adult entry – by Joseph C.


Milk is the primary source of nutrition for young mammals before they are able to digest other types of food. As in the Bible 1 Peter 2:2 “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby.” We find that as our physical bodies require a beginning nutrient for latter consumption ofstronger, harder more flavorful foods, God has in his word the same parable of picture for us. That in our beginning walk as baby Christians we are to take in the nutrients that will fortify and establish the properbuilding blocks for physical strength and endurance. Life is an endurance test, full of ups and downs, bitter and sweet, hard and soft times.

It all began with the nutritious milk from our mother. As life went on so did our growth from this buildingblock substance. As we read the Bible, in the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth, we begin to have faith, joy, love, temperance, meekness and longsuffering. As milk put into our bodies the essentials for eating regular food, we find that in the Bible we gain and continue to gain what was needed to endure life. Today as adults we need the Word to sustain us we still have needs from milk too, continuing to enrich our lives in every way. Jesus Christ is truly our milk to build our lives.

CaptureArt Entries:

Adult entry by: Blair T.


Adult entry by: Jackie C.


Entry by M. Y.



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