The Buttermaid

 I am proudly naming myself the BUTTERMAID!

When people wonder what we do with the milk from two Jersey cows, we tell them we have calves, and we drink a lot, but we also make tons of butter!

Rosebud, the cow that this lovely butter comes from, is our QUEEN of CREAM.



There are many tiring, difficult ways to make butter. Some days, I would sit and turn a movie on and churn for 30 minutes, begging the cream to turn to butter. (My husband so sweetly bought me a br

and new churn from Nasco.) I added clean marbles, hoping to get more agitation. I messed with temperatures. I turned, and turned, and looked, and turned. The end result was POKEY-NESS!


Then I found the QUISINART food processor

and my life changed drastically!


 Noun – QUISINART [cui-zin-art]:

The most miraculous product

to hit the market ages ago

that revolutionized buttermaking

for buttermaids

(and men folk, if they so choose to make butter).

I could have saved hours of time and labor if I had bought one of these when I first got cows!

Garlic Rosemary Butter: About 1/2 pound of butter to 2 cloves fresh garlic, crushed, and around a teaspoon of dried powdered Rosemary. Warning: This is a potent garlic product and will contaminate your fresh milk products if you store it in the fridge – we suggest the freezer!


How to make butter in a few easy steps:

  • Blend with regular blade (10 minutes, give or take) until butter and buttermilk are distinctly visible
  • RINSE with a mesh strainer
  • Use a butter paddle (or your clean hands) to squeeze out the water
  • Salt, add herbs if you want, mix together
  • Flatten onto wax paper and cut into individual size pieces
  • Keep in freezer to maintain freshness

 {For a quick way to gather cream:

Fill a stock pots, like our 3 gallon pot, with fresh or recently cooled milk. Let set at least 24 hours, then skim the top off with a soup ladle. Be careful to stop once you see skim milk!The thinner the cream, the longer it will take to churn to butter.}


Jay proudly holding up some HONEY BUTTER with dad’s homemade KAMUT bread!

Did you know Butter is good for you?

Science says so!

Read here to learn more about butter’s health properties:

Everything You Never Knew About Butter



4 thoughts on “The Buttermaid

  1. Rose G

    A Kitchen-Aid mixer with the whisk attachment also works well. The only problem or two that may be encountered are 1) don’t over fill the bowl, as the cream expands as it is beaten 2) near the end, when the butter is almost there, you have to be very ready, and very quick, to shut off the mixer, or risk buttermilk ALL over the kitchen. I can see where a food processor would be better, no open top for the buttermilk to “escape.”


    1. Spirited Rose Dairy

      Great observations! I keep a little cup on the top spout of the food processor (the hole you would use to put veggies down to chop/shred) so that the buttermilk doesn’t splash up through there.

      When I used my parents Kitchen Aid, we would put the guard on and then also drape a towel over the top of the kitchenaid, at least that limited the splashing mostly to the towel. 🙂


  2. Jan Foti

    THANK YOU, Michelle! Barry and I are finally moving to our farm in Floyd VA this fall and we plan to have a cow or two (because one shouldn’t be alone) and knowing this about making butter is wonderful! Thank you for continuing to share all of your experiences! Warmest regards and a very Happy New Year from Barry & I (Greensboro MD)! Jan Foti


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