Sheep Updates

We recently let the sheep into the orchard to trim the grass and eat up fallen leaves and apples. Herding them from their secure Premier One netted electric fencing across the field for the first big move this fall was not as stressful as we thought!

We’re learning that all you really need to do is catch one or two sheep …  and the rest just beg to follow (with a little directing).

The fields get eaten down more evenly by the sheep than the cows, and they seem to like alternating (cow – sheep – cow – sheep) as to who gets the field next.

We sheared three (ram, Icelandic, and Shetland) late summer, probably would only shear the ram & icelandic in retrospect.

One of the best parts of this summer was sitting on the back porch watching the sheep pasture and the cows pasture… and the turkeys, deer, etc…. Beware, planting CLOVER may bring extra friends along you didn’t count for!!

Our final 2014 sheep “tally” is as follows:

  1. Ram: brown Border Leicester – Bixby {The Sweetest!}
  2. Wether: white Finn – Chop {Future Lamb-Chop}
  3. Ewe: California Red – Nutmeg {Most likely to be fat in the hips}
  4. Ewe: brown Border Leicester – Beatrice {Most Maidenly}
  5. Ewe: brown Border Leicester – Millie {Best conformation}
  6. Ewe: light brown Icelandic – Caldera {Most Alert}
  7. Ewe: silver/tan Shetland – Bonnet  {Best friend, if you have grain}
  8. Ewe: silver Romney – Sauvie {My next best friend}
  9. Ewe: silver Romney x Montadale – Sicily {Should be a teddy bear, so huggably soft!}

p.s. In the photos below, yes, the sheep are running around the whole orchard, but I was in there working and watching them. At night, we set up a netted pen with NO trees inside it, and they sleep in there. I observed the ladies eating leaves (dead on the ground and live on the limb) and climbing, so I believe the potential could be there for them to damage a tree perhaps. Most of the photos are of the two new cuddly Romneys.

SeptSheep1 SeptSheep2 SeptSheep3 SeptSheep5 SeptSheep6 SeptSheep7 SeptSheep8


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