Sheep complement Dairy

BL1We have become sheep people, if you can believe that! These two beautiful Border Leicester colored ewes were a treat to find, unusual natural colored B.L.’s, which seem to be quite rare! Gentle giants they are! Sheep do an excellent job as weed eaters – all the edges of our paddocks are mowed to perfection.

Beatrice & Millie


Millie is on the left, Beatrice is on the right. This duo gets their names from the movie Miss Potter. Trivia fact of the day, the sheep in the movie “Babe” are Border Leicesters! (White B.L.’s)Bixby1

And our hunky ram Bixby (hubba hubba!), also a Border Leicester. Going from registered purebred Jerseys, we just had to get some purebred sheep! Bixby is a lot more brown than the ewes, which are more black-ish. Apparently they will all fade with age, but the colors should still be beautiful! Bixby2

Apparently, sheep do not respect two-strand electric fence, they won’t stay in it (or so everyone says after they laughed in our faces when they heard what we put ours in!) Please don’t tell them they’re not supposed to stay in… we have it real easy right now!

Rudy the Jersey steer is our champion livestock guardian. He doesn’t understand his role in life….or what sheep are doing in his pen…but he does a marvelous job as leader of the flock. Um, honestly, because we can actually catch the Jersey (have you ever tried to catch sheep? haha, not gonna happen unless you’re super patient!)Bixby, Nutmeg, Rudy

My best new pal, the bonny Bonnet as seen below, is my favorite (and ironically, the only non-purebred in the bunch!).

Who couldn’t resist having a fluffy lamb run to them and jump in their lap and give them kisses!? Bonnet


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