Ushi-cow-girl: A visitor from Japan!

This month we had the honor of hosting an exchange student from Japan for one weekend. Her name is Saori and she early on explained to us that part of her last name is Ushi which is Japanese for COW! So we had a cow-girl from Japan!

Saori loved our nieces, nephews, and family: SaoriKyla She also found enjoyment making peanut butter “from scratch”!


Sept17Saori seemed to enjoy the Republic fair, where we saw the carousel, quilts (one was with japanese writing, very cool!), the exhibit hall, Round Robin showmanship, lots of chickens and cats (Saori loves cats!), and we even got to watch a horse race, ate gourmet sausages with sauteed onions/peppers, and ended with some foot tapping bluegrass music! Thanks to Jim & Ethel who visited the fair with us and were good company for Saori as we visited the sights!



She had to work a little harder than normal when trying to get Proud Rose to the parlor for milking time….. Rose knows winter is never far away and always wants more grass!

SaoriRose2 Unfortunately, Saori had to go back to her group on Monday, September 2nd. We were waiting for our cow SAMBO LOVEABLE to calve and the darn cow waited until a few hours after Saori left to have her baby. So here are some pictures of our new calf, Delegate Saori, named in honor of our guest!


(The cows, above, were really wanting to “mother” the baby, but we left that job to Sambo, who promptly ran away with her calf and hid out in the bushes until Jay brought them home at milking time. LOL)



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