Home-pressed fresh apple cider making day!

Before we made the cider, husband Jay picked the orchard of frosted apples and stored boxes upon boxes of apples in the basement to continue sweetening. Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, Jonagold, who knows!? We had dark red apples, yellow apples, green apples, and reddish-gold apples and they’re all SWEET! So, in the future, we’ll need to find some crab apples to add a bit of tannin flavor to our next batch.

We traveled to Barstow to Jim and Ethel’s homestead, where we used their press and expertise for this very first batch of true cider! Many thanks to them for their knowledge and ability!

We washed … we sliced… we chopped… we pressed… 

and we slid around on the concrete floor…

Pretty soon 9 boxes of apples (which is what we were left with after those we set aside for applesauce and pie filling) …


… became 10 pure, filtered, gallons of apple cider. (We found a great use for our stainless 10 gallon milk can!)

Ready for freezing (to preserve the enzymes).

We’ll be set for hot spiced cider all winter long, so come on over!


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