The miracle food for raising pigs quick!

…is MILK!

And scraps from the garden and orchard. That’s all these pigs have had, besides a rotating pasture all summer long. They are around 6 months old and 300 pounds. Very minimal cost on our part, besides labor! 🙂

The rest of the milk goes to us in the form of milk, butter, cream, hot chocolate, and Mozzarella cheese by the master cheese-stretchers!


The pigs also get the leftover pears and apples. Soon we will be ready to make cider out of apples and pears. The scraps will go to the pigs, but some will be saved and dried and mixed with applewood and we will attempt to smoke our own hams and bacons (wish us luck, we need it! LOL)

But we’re not sharing the concord grapes with them. They are starting to turn purple (we thought they were green grapes til my mom said they were concord, and after our frost, sure enough, they’re starting to turn purple!!

And of course, Mr. Ritz is our other source of meat for this winter….

What do you call an animal that’s not quite veal but not quite beef?


3 thoughts on “The miracle food for raising pigs quick!

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  2. Spirited Rose Dairy

    Ritz is 9 months old. We have not been able to weigh him…. I’m glad to hear the weight of your steer. 🙂 We’ll be butchering in about a month, so I hope to post more then about what we get from 10 months worth of steer. LOL


  3. Canningmama

    Michelle, how old/weight is Mr. Ritz? He looks about the size as Chuck was and he just went to freezer camp last week. He was almost 10 mo. old and weighed 550 lb. And I thought the same thing…is he still veal? Beef? Hopefully, just good regardless of the name of meat! 🙂


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