Visitors from the Island of GUERNSEY!

Guernsey, you say?

Where’s Guernsey?

Guernsey is a little island (only a few miles wide and long) off of the coast of France that is a part of Britain and is the origin of the dairy breed of cattle: Guernseys! You may have read the book The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society which was based on WWII occupation of Guernsey, the only British land conquered by Germany. (Their neighbor is the Island of Jersey, where our cows ancestors came from. We “agree to disagree” on which cow has better milk!)

  • Guernsey as a country has no debt and is unique in that they still issue a pound note in paper form rather than coin. Their one pound is worth about $1.50.
  • Guernsey is an independent island, not tied to the government in England, but they do have allegiance to the Queen.
  • Guernsey has no guns, the few violent crimes involve knifes.
  • The police force on Guernsey spends a lot of time disposing of old land mines set in place by the Germans in WWII. Don’t worry, the outsides are so rusty they won’t go off!!
  • For more information, or if you want to visit:

How we know about Guernsey: Our friends traveled to Washington state and British Columbia and as a part of their travels, they drove all the way to Colville to see us! So, we visited Boise to learn about Plywood (Guernsey’s trees are all protected, as there are not many of them, so to see the “Evergreen” state was a new experience!) then crossed the street to the Kettle Falls Historical Center and they brushed up on the history of Indians in the area (the guys read up on cowboys and indians as boys, so now they got to see the real deal!). A group called the Voyages of Rediscovery are working with local school children to build boats like Lewis and Clark would have used on their trip westward over 200 years ago.

Then we headed to Douglas Falls:

A swim and picnic lunch at Douglas Falls on a hot summer day! (Guernsey is around 300 feet max elevation, so they do not have falls like we do.)

An afternoon visit to Crandall’s for lessons on coffee roasting and orchards sent us on our way with fresh roasted and ground coffee (the van smelled amazing!) and fresh fruit from the orchard! Best coffee in the area. You can visit too:

Afternoon snack consisted of icecream from Sandy’s Drive In. Mat got a medium cone and was amazed at the size and they all agreed that Americans “Super Size” everything!

We finished with a meal of my versions of Guiness Stew and Nanaimo Bars for dessert:

Blog bonus:

Family Hill Sambo Loveable calved in with a heifer: Family Hill Comerica Latte!

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