Midnight haying and a Sunday baby!

Getting hay this year was oddly “uneventful” now that dad has his new pickup truck. We didn’t have to stop even once to put water in the radiator while going up the steep hill!!

So far we have stacked about 15 tons and have about 8 more ton to get, perhaps of 3rd cutting. We started around 8pm at night and would make two loads. The second load would be picked up in the dark, at that time just before the moon comes up enough to be helpful… So, maybe midnight would have been a better time for haying after all!

Then, in the middle of all that, we were blessed with a baby girl: Zelie! Officially, her name is: Spirited Rose Icon Zelie. Her mother is Spirited Rose Minister Zaidi (out of Zellie Bee, Ex 91!) and her father is Fern’s Fashion Icon, from the lovely Sambo Fern cow (winner of the Select Sires contest for best daughter of Sambo).

Now, is that cute or what!? 🙂

And yes, baby Zelie will be for sale, in the next month or two.


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