The Cows Came Home!

Friday morning, 2:00am – Hauler arrives in Colville and we meet him to drive him to our farm:

2:15 am – Arriving home, the hauler pulls in near the dairy barn and we offload the three milking cows and steer from upstairs on the double decker and two dry cows and a bred heifer from the lower level:

2:00-4:00 am – First, we milked the three milk cows. Then the cows are locked into the barn to settle down.

They instantly head to the salt block. After seven days on a trailer, they have sweated out all their salt it seems!

Loveable wants to be herd boss and beats up the other cows, so she gets tied up:

About 4:00am, being the lightest days of the year, the sun started to peek over the mountain and the cows got let out into pasture.

And by the end of the day they were chewing cud and settled in!

Oh the sweet cream of a Jersey cow! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Cows Came Home!

    1. Spirited Rose Dairy

      Yes, certain haulers are willing to haul milking cows. They have pipelines set up and milk them on a regular schedule, just like if they were in the dairy barn. 🙂 Many people haul dairy animals for shows and sales, so we just tagged along with a group.


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