I need your input, please!

I am working on a final project for one of my college classes (I graduate in May) and was wondering if you could help me out.

The most important aspect of the project is that I get public participation. So, if you wouldn’t mind, could you go check out my pages on Sustainable Living and if you have any good ideas, could you please put them under “comments” for that page.

Also, if you have QUESTIONS that you would like answered about a sustainability issue, you can post them under “comments” as well.

Link: https://spiritedrose.wordpress.com/sustainable-living/ (WordPress may not allow you to check the sections out from the lists, so I have an index on the main page and you can click to access any page from there!)

Here’s a few photos just for entertainment’s sake:

“Umm, honey, I don’t think that’s where you’re supposed to hatch chicks.”

(I moved her back onto the hay bales. She is doing fantastic setting on 7 fertilized eggs, courtesy of Kelly’s chickens and roosters!)

Got cheese? Bavarian spice, rubbed on the outside with the salt…Makes for a GREAT tasting cheese without getting herbs in your teeth. 😉 (I rinsed off the salt and herbs before waxing.)

Ari (visiting for a few months) and Ritz (affectionately referred to as “Rocky”) enjoy their alfalfa hay as much as a high producing cow. Ritz is learning how to pasture and actually eat live grass today. He’s not even 3 months old and is a tank. Will taste mighty tasty this winter! (I know, poor boy!)


Please comment here!

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