Fall Updates

Will post soon on our trip to New England…. the flooding in Vermont was devastating. WOW!
Highlight of the trip, besides spending time with family, was a tour of the Billings Jersey cow herd! Gorgeous cows, such a fun visit! http://www.billingsfarm.org
Then this weekend we went to visit our girls, saw our new two year olds, and Rose and I got caught goofing off in front of the camera.... Rose is due just before Christmas with her 8th calf!
"Occupy Lancaster" Pennsylvania residents filled the downtown area of Lancaster, PA protesting the government and greedy people (long list, eh!) Well, if nothing else, it will give President Obama someone else to blame and complain about! 😉
Here's a card I made that I particularly liked. Most of my cards are like, "Hmm, who could she give this card to, it's so bad no one would want it." But this one I DID like!!

 And I have added another page to the website to help people out with registering and transferring registration of their animals. Most of the time you may think, “Oh, no new blog post, so she hasn’t been doing anything.” Well, I’m probably working on the website pages, and no one gets notified when those are updated, added and changed. So check back frequently!


And now, heading to cook dinner for some friends: Meatloaf, Sweet potato fries, cornbread, apple cider, etc, etc, etc. All home made, finally! 🙂

School? Classes? Oh, yeah, I’ll get to those! Don’t worry!


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