A little humor for those of us in the dairy industry:

I (Jay) originally heard this joke from a motivational speaker at the National Guernsey Convention in Wisconsin:

Did you hear about the dairy farmer who walked up to his banker in town?

With great surprise, the banker asks the dairyman, “What are you doing here?”

The dairyman says “Well, I have some good news and some bad news to tell you.”

The banker says, “Well, goodness, start with the bad news first!”

The dairyman says, “Well, here’s the deal…

  • The milk truck went right on by this morning because I got degraded.
  • I got one bale of hay left for the whole herd.
  • The wife left with the kids during the night.
  • I didn’t milk yet this morning because there’s no power.
  • The cows don’t have much milk because the grain bin has been empty for a week.
  • The bull wasn’t any good, so the cows aren’t bred.
  • And the pickup didn’t have any gas in it, so I walked into town.”

The banker looks up at him and exclaims, “My goodness, that’s terrible, what could possibly be the good news?”

“While I was walking to town, I made a very important decision,” says the dairyman.

“Well, what could that have been?” the perplexed banker asks.

The dairyman says, “Well, I still want YOU to be my banker!”


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