God’s bounty, Produce in Maryland

So, there’s a lot about Maryland that’s definitely not fun, like the constant air conditioning required for a few months out of the year to even live, so hot and humid outside that nothing dares stay out for very long….

But! I do admire the long growing season (in spite of the bugs, synthetic chemical use, and lots of diseases, so you have to be very picky to avoid that!) so I thought I would post what I harvested one day. Everything was either grown in my garden(s) or bought from local farmers. Almost everything is organically grown as much as organic is possible out here!

The eggs are from my beautiful petite Leghorns, which are marvelous birds. Why do people not all raise Leghorns for eggs? Is it because they are white? Because so far, they’re my A+ layers and foragers of bugs. One is so friendly, she tries to come inside the house with me! They started laying eggs at a mere 16 weeks old! And they lay consistently, every day, although I have a good lady that lays her egg in the coop religiously and a rebel that has only laid hers there once. But still, dollar for dollar, they are money makers, like those beautiful Jersey cows!

After picking the blueberries, Maisie and I hopped back in the car to head to the community garden (for the green beans, tomatoes, onions, and blackberries) and as we drove past the peach orchard, we passed a little Asian fellow out with his family picking peaches that had just taken a bite of a plump peach and the juice and little bits of stringy fruit covered his cheeks. I thought, “now, that’s summertime!” and wish I had my camera!

Up next, harvesting the SWEET POTATOES! So excited for that!!


One thought on “God’s bounty, Produce in Maryland

  1. Cindy

    Michelle, That makes me hungry! It all looks so good. Glad your chickens are doing so well, too! And that picture would look great enlarged and framed!!


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