Join us in DC to defend our freedoms!

May 16th is the day and 10 am is the time.

If you are anywhere near the DC area, come hear Sally Fallon and other raw milk advocates come speak about raw milk and rally for the many farmers who have been targeted by the FDA.

Is anyone getting sick from their raw milk? NO! Are customers begging for the product? YES! Doesn’t the FDA have better things to do than raid small farmers? Shouldn’t we have the freedom to buy a healthy natural product? YES YES YES!

Oh, wait, maybe we should just sit around and wait for Monsanto, DuPont, and all the other companies to make 100% of our seed genetically modified and pump up our cows with rBST. We’re at about 50% GMO seed right now, and what is to stop them!? While we’re at it, why not get milk from Mexico? I hear the water as you walk over to Tijuana is really sewage, I bet cows produce good milk on sewer water, huh?

Come on down and join us. We’ll bring lunch, talk cows, and support the foundation of our country: small farms!!


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