Make Way for Ducklings

Ever since I read that book as a kid, I thought ducks were pretty cute.

Never thought I’d have my own, though.

These four ducks were born on April 15th “tax day” 2011. They are Mallard ducklings. Their names are: Sage, Fennel, Tansy, and Dill. They’re already very attached to me, they run back to me if they get scared. They make a huge mess in their water. I’m going to have to figure out a new pen.

They are NOT dry and clean like chickens. But, they ARE a lot less skittish than chickens. I’m not sure why I waited so long to get some!


One thought on “Make Way for Ducklings

  1. Jan Greco

    So, so precious! (i.e., cute in small doses or on your farm…lol)
    We had a couple ducks here the other day. I was hoping they wouldn’t eat the couple of frogs that are out by the pond. Didn’t hear the frogs last night, but then again it was like 21 degrees…I did hear them early this morning again *whew!*


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