First chick earns a name.

So today was beautiful, 70’s, and I didn’t have to go to work. I decided to use my handy new RED lawn mower (yes, shiny red!) to mow the lawn for the first time.

I started it up, did the top lawn, and then headed right by the chicken coop on my way around to the front of the house.

NOT a good idea…

My chicks freaked out!! They flew all around and the smallest black one slipped right through a tiny hole and disappeared into the wheat field.

I thought she was done for. Osprey circled overhead and I counted myself as a 6 chicken owner from now on.

Then in the afternoon, I headed back around to the front of the house and a black bird with long gangly wings flew through the trees scared. I ran out front and there she was, hidden in the base of a tree. I was a few inches away when she flew off and PLOPPED into this nasty swampy mess called our pond!

I ran home, grabbed plastic bags to put over my sandles and I waded out into the muck to get her. Have you ever felt slime and ooze swirling around your feet? It’s nasty! Luckily, the chick wasn’t moving this time, so I grabbed her *squawking* and cuddled her in my arms for a few minutes before returning her to her mates. No damage, just GOT HER FEET WET!

In honor of her skittish personality, she will be called Evelyn. Evelyn Couch, of Fried Green Tomatoes was a skittish mess until she learned how to be strong. When my chick learns that, we’ll call her Tawanda!


2 thoughts on “First chick earns a name.

  1. Kelly

    Funny how alike they are….yesterday, I was missing one. It was caught between my outdoor pen and the coop. I was certain that when I got her out (cut my face on the chicken wire getting her out) that her wing would be broken or something. Nope, she was fine. These are a mischievous bunch of chicks!


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