Chincoteague, Virginia Ponies!

Last weekend we hosted my parents for a visit. One of my “bucket list” things to do was to see the ponies of Chincoteague and Assateague Islands. Who didn’t love Misty of Chincoteague?! I grew up reading those stories like almost every other girl, I suspect. And here I actually got to go see the ponies!


 (Below) Is it a bird or a stick? 🙂

Everyone was fine with going because the BEACH was awesome! Soft sand to run on, and it was almost 80 degrees out! No crowds yet, being a Friday morning in March. So you can come for the ponies, the wildlife, or even just for a warm nap on the beach!

TIP: If you are heading out to Chincoteague, you will pass by a NASA site called Wallops Island! They have a FREE VISITOR’S CENTER with a lot of information about NASA and an OBSERVATION DECK where you can see all the cool satellites and rockets that they launch from that area. If you turn around, you can see the marsh from the other side of the observation deck!

AND, One last humorous note… We saw lots of gray squirrels running around, like this little fellow. (He was a good Squirrel, owns his own custom made home in a tree.) But for other squirrels, we noticed they get to live in a form of Government Housing:


One thought on “Chincoteague, Virginia Ponies!

  1. Jan Greco

    Correction, it was 84 degrees (not almost 80) according to the sign in town when we left the beach. However, it was quite lovely, wish we had those temps at home! 🙂


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