61 Entries

Our final count is 61 entries. We are debating over the winner, and will be sure to let everyone know as soon as we know!


6 thoughts on “61 Entries

  1. Oh goodness! I’m so EXCITED! My little boy is, too – he entered his own essay.

    Thanks for offering a chance to tell by farming is important to us and for giving us a chance to win that lovely little gal!

    (and Christian)


  2. We are doing an Amethyst dance here…..and thinking of all the milk and cheese we would be able to make 🙂 I am so excited that there is 61 people who would love to own a cow! My peek-a-boo, shorthorn, would love a friend 🙂 She may even have a visit this summer from a milking cow 🙂


  3. Paula Jean West

    I have everything crossed here in Lynchburg, VA, candles lit and prayers going out to make sure my dear friend Nancy wins your lovely Amethyst. I am so excited to find out if either Nancy or I won! Nancy loves her animals and works from pre-dawn to after dark making her farm a little piece of Paradise. She and Amethyst will be wonderful together. Big Hugs to you all for a wonderful contest idea!
    Paula Jean West


  4. oh boy, we are on pins and needles here in Friendship, MD…my 7 year old keeps asking if we won….it maybe because we have a picture of her up in the kitchen for positive vibes 🙂


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