Last day, all day to enter!

Yes, this is the last day of the contest. You can enter all day, just try to get it in to us by the end of the day. We’re farmers, we understand lives are busy!

Yesterday we recieved about 15 essays, so we will be spending the day reading those and then go through the earlier essays yet again and read any more that come in. So, please be patient as we have several essays to go through.

No one will be notified as to the winner until we have made that decision, and I apologize but it may take us a couple days to read through everyones. I promise we will act as speedily as possible, but we want to be sure to read everyone’s and give equal attention to all!

Thank you, this has turned into such a fun contest and we are glad for those that had taken the time to write an essay, check out our website, and send us their thoughts. REALLY MAKES A PERSON LOVE FARMING ALL OVER AGAIN! 🙂


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