Roosting and Rooting

Jay built the girls a roost. We read that they’ll start as early as a week old, and here they are!

And then later, we put some hay in for them to peck at and play with. Well, the first time I brought in straight alfalfa and they looooved the leaves. The second time, I was a bad owner and brought mostly grass hay. So, if you look at the photo above, you might see a little speck of black and white. Those are two of the chicks “hiding” in the hay. I had to check and make sure they were alive and well. Yup, they were fine!


3 thoughts on “Roosting and Rooting

  1. Damon

    I love chickens & miss mine. We had a good sized flock for a couple of years and the raccoons started getting them. WHen I got down to less than 10 I gave them to the neighbor down the road. A fox broke in their henhouse & got them. I have a lot of “critter proofing” to do before I get chickens again….hope I can do that this year.

    enjoy them!!!


    1. Ann

      I have found a generous amount of ‘sulfur’ around the hen house/coops works well to ward off varmits and snakes. some good guinneas are wonderful watch dogs


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