Sweet Chicks

They are so sweet. I love their little trills and whistles and cheeps and peeps. Any ideas on names? There are seven chicks total…


7 thoughts on “Sweet Chicks

  1. I love when my mama hens go broody and hatch out chicks….I should have some in about 2 weeks. I love to see the baby chicks peeking out of the moma’s wings. I have a silky now that allow another smaller chicken to do this….it is so cute!


  2. Allison Rosch

    I love that your chicks are already roosting! I find it such a joy to observe natural
    behaviors in chickens, and other animals…


    1. spiritedrose

      Yes, they absolutely love the roost, my husband is so handy to make me one. I actually read about it in this great little book called “Chick Days: Raising Chickens” by Jenna Woginrich. I found it at Tractor Supply when I was snooping around for chick supplies.

      I believe she has a website, too….. http://coldantlerfarm.blogspot.com/


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