A little over two weeks left to enter the contest! We have about 15 entries so far from both youth and adults. Amethyst is growing and getting ready to move into a bigger pen when Zia leaves this Friday!

We had our first cheesemaking class and successfully made mozzarella. Mmmm! No one has a fancy press to make hard cheese, so the trials of building a temporary press from kitchen tools ended in a lot of laughter to be sure. . . Now’s a great time for classes, so feel free to email if you’re interested in learning!

We tried planting some lettuce and radishes today in a cold frame. First try! Our chicken coop has just been built and is now painted red. Just need the chicks to fill it! We can post pictures when it’s all done. Took the genius of a carpenter, the helpfulness of my husband, and me to tell them both what size I wanted everything to be. We hope our new chicks will, as chickens, like their new “Cluck-n-Lay” residence.


2 thoughts on “Spring!

    1. spiritedrose

      We got a “rainbow” assortment from Murray McMurray… One is black, maybe an australorp? One is black and blonde with feathers on her legs. Three are Americauna. Two are light colored, maybe Buff Orphington.

      Where did you get your chicks from?


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