HERE YE HERE YE!   We are posting a contest for anyone to enter. All you have to do is complete two tasks:

1. POST a COMMENT on our website on any of the pages. (Feel free to do this even if you are not entering the contest. 🙂 )

2. Write an essay on WHY YOU LOVE FARMING! You might want to include also a little bit about who the heifer would be for and how you are able to take care of her and prepare for her becoming a cow. EMAIL your essay to: (If you have problems getting through VIA email, contact me through the website by commenting to this post.)

The WINNER of the contest will become the new owner of our most recent born calf, a heifer by the name of AMETHYST! Amethyst was born December 31, 2010.

Contest rules: There must be a minimum of 10 entries for the contest to become validated (we have recieved 10 by now, so it’s official!). Contest ends on March 15, 2011. Winner of the contest must pick up or arrange for hauling of the calf, at their expense, within 30 days. Any additional testing needed for transport will be at the expense of the winner. Registration papers will be transferred at the expense of Spirited Rose and will be sent with the calf. We reserve the right to change any rules about the contest or to cancel the contest completely if necessary. In reading the essays, we feel that it is important to ask if those entering the contest are willing to have their stories posted to the public.  (Please note your preference in your email.)  We would enjoy the opportunity to post the winning entry for others to read.

*** We have had some questions about where we live. We are located in MARYLAND and would be willing to deliver the animal for the cost of fuel within a 6 hour drive of us. Another option, if you win, you may ask us to sell the heifer and we will donate the money to a charity or organization of your choice!


24 thoughts on “WIN A JERSEY HEIFER CALF!

  1. Chuck Ward

    Hello, hello!! We have entered your contest. It is nearly unbelievable that you would be so generous, but what a fun time we’ve had trying to decide our favorite reasons for farming. My children are so excited at this chance of a lifetime!


  2. sandy

    love your website – and was hoping to be able to enter your contest. alas – barn is not yet built. we shall continue to pray, and know the right girl shall come to us in His time!
    and thanks so much for the generous offer you have made in sharing your beautiful little girl.


  3. What a wonderful thing you are doing by giving a calf away. A very novel idea and so unselfish. I did submit an essay although I am not good at writing but I am a great farmer and rancher. I also forgot to give you permission to use my essay and or to reprint it. I do give you permission to do so if you wish.
    Roy J. Autrey


  4. I love this idea! My dear friend Nancy Chase at Ingleside Farms NEEDS your adorable Jersey heifer. She has sheep. pigs, chickens, but alas, no Jersey heifer. In fact, no cows at all yet, but a huge, happy, empty, well-cared for field just crying out for one–or more– of your incredible cows.


  5. Thank you for putting together such a nice site full of helpful information about dairy cows. It looks great!

    I just submitted my essay for your contest. I’d LOVE to win a calf for my birthday (which is today). 🙂


  6. Thea Harvey

    I would love to start my dairy herd with a free jersey heifer. But unfortunately, I don’t have the fencing or other facilities just yet. Good luck to all who enter.


  7. Sydnee

    My teenage son has been working at talking me into getting a milk cow again for about 8 months or so. We just started looking. It’s been around 4 years since we had a jersey would love to have one again. Have a question about the contest. Could I have my son write the essay? (since he is the one that spear headed the idea to get another cow.)


  8. Denny

    Wow, I am the proud moma of a Shorthorn heifer who just turned one year old. I am hoping to have the bull come in the spring, so we can have milk.


  9. What a beautifully updated site. You guys have done a wonderful job. Your heifer contest will be a great blessing to someone. We certainly love the cows you have allowed us to bring home from your herd. Rizzy apparently has settled to sexed Encore and Lovely has settled to sexed Iatola. Whomever is the recipient of this contest will certainly have a wonderful addition to their family. Job well done to two wonderful people.


  10. Vicki

    Certainly will enter an essay to try and win a beautiful Jersey Heifer calf!! 🙂 Love this site whether I win or not ! How can I post questions for you to answer?


  11. Wow, that’s a neat idea! A beautiful heifer, I’m sure, from looking at your other animals. This is a generous offer! And that calf shares a birthday with my sister… I may just have to submit an entry!


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